free MP3s recorded of codesimian: fractalSound1.mp3 b.mp3 c.mp3 d.mp3 but its more fun to create your own...
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There might be a bar at the top of this window asking you a question, and if so, this applet will not start until you answer it (probably with a YES or ALLOW).

If it wont play sound, even after you reloaded this page, try restarting your browser, or try the instructions below.

CodeSimian Applet

When this webpage finishes loading, you should see CodeSimian in a rectangle above. If instead you see an error message or a single-color rectangle above, install Java 1.5 then reload this page. If that does not work, download and double-click (or click the OPEN button) the file: CodeSimian.jar. CodeSimian was designed as a normal Java program. Being in a webpage prevents some parts of CodeSimian from working, and some web browsers are so paranoid that they will not let you use CodeSimian at all. If so, you should use CodeSimian.jar directly instead.

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You can see exactly whats inside CodeSimian.jar by opening it with WinZip. All Jar files are Zip files. Nothing has been hidden. Its open-source software.

Copy/paste (or type) some of these codes into the window above, then click the compileCode button in that window. (Paste by clicking the text rectangle, hold ctrl, and push V)

(plays a.mp3 at normal speed)

sound(mp3("" *(4 -2.2 count)))
(plays a.mp3 backwards at 2.2x speed. The 4 fixes the speed for 22khz sound)

if( ask("play which sound?" "3.5 khz" "7 khz") sound(sine(*(count 2))) sound(sine(count)) )
(plays a sound with 1 of 2 frequencies, depending on which button you click)

For more codes to put in the window, open CodeSimian.jar with WinZip, and go to the cs/ folder, which contains hundreds of files ending with .cs
Those files contain CodeSimian code which you can copy/paste into the window above.

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