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Requires Java 1.5 and 2 ghz CPU

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Requires Java 1.5 and 2 ghz CPU

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

questions about codesimian answered by its creator, and just for fun,
also answered by codesimian itself (after codesimian reads parts of its own webpage and the question).
CodeSimian's individual responses to the same question are separated by commas,

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QUESTION: What is the purpose of CodeSimian? Why did you build it?

BEN'S ANSWER: CodeSimian's purpose is to improve CodeSimian, to become a self-modifying autonomous intelligent software that lives on the internet.

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QUESTION: Why give CodeSimian away for free? Why the GNU GPL 2+ licenses? Are you ever going to make money from it?

BEN'S ANSWER: Because I want more people to use it. Your payment to me is your time and CPU power when you use the program.

To get people to write code for CodeSimian for free. Even as simple a thing as clicking buttons in a certain order may generate new code and modify CodeSimian's behaviors... when more AI code is finished.

Eventually all CodeSimian programs and the people using them will cooperate to form a larger emergent intelligence, by using the


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QUESTION: Why is CodeSimian made of Java instead of another language or languages? Many programmers say LISP is better for artificial-intelligence.

BEN'S ANSWER: If I want LISP, there is a version of LISP that runs inside Java, but there is no version of Java that runs inside LISP. While Java is awkward to progam artificial-intelligence in, Java is more flexible. In fact, most Java programs are improved to be faster (but do the exact same thing) by artificial-intelligence in the JVM (java emulator), while those programs run.

Theres also the problem of speed. Java is almost as fast as C++, while LISP is slower. You can make 3d games in Java.

Java connects to almost every system on the internet. If CodeSimian ever becomes smart enough to program Java, it will never have to leave Java. Java is flexible and fast enough to contain a smarter-than-Human software if one was ever built.

LISP was made about 40 years ago. Java was made about 15 years ago. Theres a lot more Java programmers out there and for massive cooperation through the internet, I need to use a language that more people know. Of course they can program in CodeSimian language or Java language. CodeSimian is easier than HTML.

Like many other languages, Java is interpreted/scripted/runtime. I would only choose a language of that type. New parts of Java can be created from inside a running Java program.

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