free MP3s recorded of codesimian: fractalSound1.mp3 b.mp3 c.mp3 d.mp3 but its more fun to create your own...

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Requires Java 1.5 and 2 ghz CPU

Where to get FREE MP3s that you can play and modify with CodeSimian

Anyone can easily get free MP3s from many places, and depending on many things, it may be legal or illegal for you to use them, but CodeSimian can never be sure therefore refuses to tell any government about your use of MP3s.

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Here are 3 MP3s (recorded by non-CodeSimian software) of CodeSimian's electric-guitar window:

b.mp3         c.mp3         d.mp3

This is a sound created by a fractal equation, typed into CodeSimian:


Heres an other public-domain MP3, which you can legally do anything you want with:


Where can I get free MP3s?

Download and install FrostWire (which uses the Gnutella network) or any other file-sharing p2p program, then search for any music.

If your download folder is C:\music and you have an mp3 called file.mp3 then use this code to play it with CodeSimian:
Dont forget to change single backslash \ to double-backslash \\ and to make the hard-drive letter C capital.

CodeSimian does NOT check if the mp3 is copyrighted or legal, so it is your responsibility to obey your country's laws. Even if an mp3 is copyrighted, if you have permission from the copyright owner, you can legally use it, therefore using a copyrighted MP3 is not proof that anyone has broken the law. For example, if you own a CD containing the song in the MP3, you can legally use that MP3. How do I know which CDs you own? CodeSimian will not "rat you out".

It is usually faster to download mp3s from a p2p file-sharing network than to convert a standard audio CD to mp3s. MP3s are efficient so approximately 10 hours of mp3 music can fit on the same CD that could only hold 80 minutes of normal CD audio.

If you are a member of some legal music file-sharing services, then you can legally download any MP3 from any file-sharing network if that same music file is available on that file-sharing service. BEWARE: do not buy MP3s from Napster because you may not legally listen to them after you stop subscribing to Napster service. If you buy music, you should get to listen to it forever! You would have legal permission to use that file regardless of who else had it previously (the computers you downloaded it from or your legal file sharing service). File sharing services change from year to year, but the fact remains: for most MP3s, there exist many people who may legally use those MP3s, therefore building a computer network to distribute MP3s is legal.

All the MP3s on this website (like are either made by me or I found them and verified they are legal to use.

If you're really worried about the copyright police coming to get you,

you can search for "public domain mp3s" (legal to do anything you want with them),

but you can find better mp3s licenced by "creative commons" but that licence usually makes it illegal to MODIFY the mp3s (but legal to play normally and give copy to anyone), so you can legally use CodeSimian code like sound(mp3("C:\\music\\file.mp3")) to play them exactly as they were recorded, but code like sound(mp3("C:\\music\\file.mp3" *(count sine(count) .0001))) plays them in a modified way so it would be illegal.

But CodeSimian does not check which mp3 you're using or in what way you're using it. The police will have to do their jobs without CodeSimian's help.

CodeSimian is not the government's pawn.

LimeWire allows legal and illegal downloads, but as you can see in the above picture, LimeWire's website is one of the government's pawns. Limewire's question is as pointless as a porn website verifying your age by requiring you to click "I am 18". You shouldnt use CodeSimian illegally, but I dont need you to say that before you download (at the top of this page, for example).

Any attempt by the government to force CodeSimian to do the police's job for them (about MP3 laws): will be announced on FreeTalkLive and YOUR NAME and CONTACT INFO (and the same for your boss) will be forever recorded into their MP3 archives. They know how to get government employees FIRED. (The police will be notified of anyone impersonating a government employee who calls me)

Also, you can find free MP3s of the FreeTalkLive radio show on their website and through some file-sharing networks.

Stop DRM Now!
Stop DRM Now!
Stop DRM Now!
"Content producers and providers are erecting barriers that prevent legitimate consumers who purchased their materials legally from exercising fair use of copyright."

Digital-Rights-Management (DRM) lets businesses control how you use your computer, but only if you agree to their legal text (for any files) or if you use their files, often by clicking "I agree to the above text" then the NEXT button in an installer program, but we all know few people read those things. They're intentionally made to be 50 pages long so you wont read it, and even if you do read it they can say things in an excessively technical way so you will misunderstand it. That is 1 of many ways DRM could infect your computer. Beware...
Stop DRM Now!
Stop DRM Now!

CodeSimian is no more responsible for your illegal mp3 use than your speakers are for playing them. I'd like to see that... Your honor, the defendant's computer-speakers participated in a crime. Outlaw speakers!!! It is a known fact that in over 90% of violent crimes in USA, before and after the crime, the criminal drives on a road. Outlaw roads!!!

The Free Software Foundation lists music services that do not use DRM:

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