free MP3s recorded of codesimian: fractalSound1.mp3 b.mp3 c.mp3 d.mp3 but its more fun to create your own...

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limited by internet security,
not all parts of CodeSimian work here.
Requires Java 1.5 and 2 ghz CPU

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or click SAVE then double-click CodeSimian.jar
Requires Java 1.5 and 2 ghz CPU

CodeSimian is Open-Source Java software

only programmers know how to use the source-code (to modify CodeSimian),
but anyone can modify CodeSimian in a smaller way
by typing code into CodeSimian.jar then clicking SAVE,
then choosing where to put the new CodeSimian2.jar

Intro/Tutorial | SourceCode | FAQ? | ListOfCommands | ~~Sounds/Audio (generated by equations)~~ | PlayElectricGuitarWithTheMouse | FREE MP3s (play and modify them with CodeSimian) | Pictures | Javadoc/TechnicalDocuments | CompareToJava | Plans (what to build) | RootClass | 1 Type | SystemReq | Humans | DNA | Bugs/Flaws | Wiki | Def | my resumE (give me a programming job) | Contact

LEGAL: By using CodeSimian, you agree to the GPL licence which says you can use, modify, and redistribute CodeSimian for free, but anyone you give or sell your modified version to may give it away for free or sell it (same as you may do to the original CodeSimian). The GNU GPL legally restricts all software derived from CodeSimian to the GNU GPL license.

If you want to split off a version of CodeSimian to sell $$$ by a non-GPL license, email me and maybe we'll make a deal, but no deals that stop people from using and extending the core CodeSimian files. Its an open standard.

Download the SOURCE CODE and help me build CodeSimian.

Its the same file as CodeSimian.jar but renamed to ZIP for convenience. JAR is a kind of ZIP.

Changing CodeSimian requires a programmer's version of Java like JDK 1.5
But if you only want to USE CodeSimian instead of program new Java parts of it, you only need the normal version: Java 1.5, which over half of all computers already have.

To use the source-code, make a subclass of (or and add 1 line to about the class you just made. Then, the class you just made can be used in CodeSimian code as the String returned by the class's keyword() and sometimes its name(). keyword() is deprecated and should later be replaced by parent().name() but parent() does not work yet.

Because mp3s are complicated and compressed, CodeSimian uses JLayer to decode the bytes of mp3s instead of reinventing-the-wheel. JLayer has a forum where you can write about Java and mp3s.

I recommend you view .java files (and any other text file) through Crimson Editor, which is free and uses colors to show which part of code each word is.

I'm trying to create one huge global internet program with many abilities including improving itself and connecting to systems at runtime it wasnt designed to connect to. If I charge money for CodeSimian, that wont happen. 100 times more people will use it if its free. Help me build it into something awesome...

Communism is forced, open-source software is by choice. Screw communism, and screw USA's half-capitalist/half-communist economy! Didnt you know? Half your money goes to tax. You pay tax. Your employer pays tax. Stores pay tax. Factories they buy from pay tax. Many taxes... USA's economy is half communist. A communist economy is simply one with a 100% tax rate. Sound the alarms!!! Its time to root out the Commies again.

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