free MP3s recorded of codesimian: fractalSound1.mp3 b.mp3 c.mp3 d.mp3 but its more fun to create your own...

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Requires Java 1.5 and 2 ghz CPU


All pictures on this website.
If any pictures are missing, they will be added here soon.

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the best picture:

automaticly generated list of pictures, sorted by file size:

This list of pictures in html generated and sorted by the following Java code and DOS command:

D:\codesimian website>java Pictures *.jpg > pic.txt
import java.util.*;

/** outputs a sorted list of pictures to standard-out. Uses the IMG html tag for each picture.
public class Pictures{
	public static void main(String a[]){
		Comparator fileSize = new Comparator(){
			public int compare(Object x, Object y){
				return fileSize((String)x) - fileSize((String)y);
			public boolean equals(Object o){ return o==this; }
		for(int i=0; i");
	public static int fileSize(String name){
			return new FileInputStream(new File(name)).available();
		}catch(IOException e){
			return Integer.MAX_VALUE;

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