Class InternalFiles

  extended by codesimian.InternalFiles

public class InternalFiles
extends java.lang.Object

Some of the files inside CodeSimian.jar can be updated, and new files can be added, all without using the hard-drive (unless you save the new JAR file there).

These inner classes require the Jars.findSelf(boolean) function find CodeSimian.jar correctly, so this might not work in an applet, but if it is an applet, we probably could not save the JAR to hard-drive anyways, but an applet could be programmed to send the JAR through the internet, so it is potentially useful to work in applets.

These "internal files" do not exist until a new CodeSimian.jar is created which contains them all. You do not save individual files. You save all new files inside a new JAR. Internal files include all files inside CodeSimian.jar. You dont need to add them, but you maybe can overwrite them. New files can be added, and if you're careful, existing files can be deleted.

Nested Class Summary
static class InternalFiles.AllInternalFileNames
static class InternalFiles.DeleteInternalFile
static class InternalFiles.GetInternalFile
static class InternalFiles.SetInternalFile
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static long changesSinceCodesimianStarted()
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Constructor Detail


public InternalFiles()
Method Detail


public static long changesSinceCodesimianStarted()